How Givers Gain: Kindness Pays

You’ve heard the saying, “Givers gain.” Here’s a real-life case example that shows, again, that little touches count — and kindness towards others pays. The secret, of course, is in giving to others for the simple joy that comes from being of service and being a vessel of delight — without expectation of gain. How […] Read more »

Why Cheap Websites are a Waste of Your Money

Salon Diva in Warrenton, Virginia thought they would save some money and have a friend build their website for the low price of just $175. But once their website was finished — no one could find it! The beauty salon owner may as well have thrown her money away, for all the good her new […] Read more »

This Printer Wins More Business With Video Marketing

Are  you a printer who is looking for better ways to keep your business going and growing? Then you’ll want to see how this printer wins more business with video marketing… Read more »

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