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We Design Websites With Sales In Mind

The purpose of a small business website is simple: to drive more leads to your business, so you can increase sales and profits.

If all you want is a pretty website, we are not the right company for you.

But . . . If you want a website that puts you in front of more ideal customers, more easily and with less effort, in ways that pre-sell your products and services and save you time, energy and money in the long run — then we should talk.

Here, for example, is what one of our clients has said about the results she experienced just a few short months after launching her new website:

Expert Kitchen DesignsI just wanted to let you know that I’m on my way back from meeting (a prospective client) on Capitol Hill. What a lovely couple! They are exactly the type of client that I like to work with. She said that the way she found me was through the website you designed for me. She typed in “Expert Kitchen Designs” and my website came up first and she said when she saw the website it looked very personable. She didn’t want a mass company to (design her kitchen). She wanted a personal one-to-one (kitchen designer). You deserve the credit for that. The website you designed for me attracted the right client for me and it helped her find the right person for her (kitchen remodeling) job. It definitely “happened” for me today because the clients that found me knew who I “was” before I walked in the door! Almost like, “We already know we want you to do the job!” XO

Sandra Brannock, Owner, Expert Kitchen Designs, LLC

If You Are Disappointed and Frustrated with Your Current Website, We Can Help

Many of our clients are small businesses whose first websites were built using Godaddy and other low-cost DIY website builders. These clients include:

We invite you to contact any of these businesses above and ask them about their experience working with Herbst Marketing

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Herbst Marketing helps website clients get found online

How You Will Benefit from Hiring an Expert Web Developer

Our ideal clients realize that they have better, more productive ways to spend and invest their time than building and maintaining their own websites. They “get” that they do not have the design skills, the marketing know-how, or the expertise needed to build and maintain a high-performing, productive website that gets found and generates real leads and real sales.

Think of it this way: if a builder handed you the tools to build a house (hammer, saw, nails and a house plan) … that would not mean you had the skill and know-how to build the house, would it?

Smart business owners hire experts to perform essential tasks that will help them grow their business, instead of trying to do it all themselves.

For Example:

You don’t attempt to do these necessary services yourself, do you?

  • Auto maintenance and auto repair
  • Plumbing installation and repair
  • Accounting and bookkeeping

When you have a broken bone or an infection, do you treat it yourself? Or do you go to a doctor who knows what needs to be done and what to prescribe to help you heal quickly?

If You Want a Website That Works, Hire The Right People

Our website developers understand how to

  • get your business found online;
  • communicate your unique value quickly and engagingly to website visitors;
  • convert website visitors to warm leads and prospects;
  • set up and implement systems that will enable you to follow up with leads and develop a trusting relationship that will generate more sales and more profits for your business.

When you work with us, you get:

  • website design expertise
  • copywriting expertise
  • local search engine optimization expertise
  • social media marketing expertise

that will help your business grow, while saving you money, time and energy.

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We help you get found fast online by your ideal prospects and customers

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Herbst Marketing helps small business owners get the web presence they need to compete effectively in today's marketplace. Our services include: affordable small business website design and development, local search engine optimization (SEO) to ensure that your business can get found fast online, social media setup and management (Facebook, Google, LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube), email newsletter setup and management, adwords campaign setup and management, web/blog copywriting and web video production. For more information, call Yvonne directly at: (540) 937-7234 or (540) 729-4076 (cell).
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