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Mobile Marketing Services: $99 Per Month

Set Up Fee: $99.00

Click the Buy Now button above to pay the set up fee for your mobile marketing campaign.

Set Up Fee Includes

1. Your Own Mobile Marketing Dashboard, User Name and Password
2. Up to Three (3) Custom Keywords
3. First Four Text Message Promotions
4. First Three Mobile Coupons
5. 30-Minute Private Coaching Call

Monthly License / Subscription Fee: $99.00

Click the “Subscribe” button above to sign up for the following mobile marketing services:

1.  500 outgoing text messages per month.  

(Note: Incoming text messages are free.
More than 500 outgoing text messages per month: $25.00 for each additional increment of 500 messages.

501-1,000 messages = $124.00 per month
1,001 – 1,500 messages= $149.00 per month, etc.

2.  Up to 3 Vanity Keywords Active per month.

3.  Up to 3 Mobile Coupons Active per month.

4.  Up to 4 outgoing messages written, set up and sent out each month.

5.  Monthly performance reports provided via email.

6.  One strategy / coaching phone call per month (up to 30 minutes.)

Monthly service can be cancelled at any time. Set Up Fee and monthly fees paid are nonproratable and nonrefundable.

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