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Here’s How It Looks in the Mailbox


Mailing Dates and Target Areas

Winter 2017: Mid-December
Spring 2017: Mid-March
Fall 2017: Mid-August

The billboard postcard directory will be mailed three times a year to 5 select high-income distribution areas in the Gainesville / Haymarket / Dominion Valley and Warrenton areas.

Each distribution area (zone) has approximately 5,000 households with a minimum $75,000 annual income (based on USPS data).


Pricing includes graphic design, printing and postage.
1. Text only ad: $379 per 5,000 mailed (7.6 cents per household). Text only ads include your business name, website, phone number and one additional line of text (Contact email, incentive offer or other special message).
2. Display Ads: $499 (half-width) and $995 (full-width) (9.9 cents or 19.9 cents per household)
2. Discounts for mailing 2x or 3x a year or mailing to multiple zones / distribution areas. Ask for quote.

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