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Ringless Voice Mail

Introducing: Ringless Voice Mail

Ringless Voice Mail is a highly-effective low-cost way to boost sales quickly by alerting your customers or prospects about current deals, upcoming events, and company news.

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Ringless Voice Mail

How Ringless VoiceMail Works

Your personalized, recorded message is delivered direct to the recipient’s voicemail without ever ringing their phone.  When recipients check their voicemail, they see and listen to your message and call you back almost immediately – often times within minutes of receiving your message.

It’s 100% legal and FCC-compliant.


  • High response rate – most people will listen to a voicemail before deleting.  In fact, voicemail has a 96% listen rate.
  • Target Your Perfect Customer – We can send customized messages specifically targeted to your own in-house customer list, new customers, inactive / infrequent customers or new prospects by zip codes, age, household income, upcoming birthdays, and more
  • Superior deliverability – Your message is more likely to get delivered to a telephone number than an email address.
  • Cost effective – Ringless Voicemail Messages cost much less than paying an employee or other service to call each person on your list.
  • More personal – A voicemail in your own voice is more personable than email or direct mail campaigns.
  • Non-intrusive – The message goes straight to voicemail without ever ringing their phone.

Every message is delivered as if it was placed from your own phone number and left the message yourself.


How Can You Use Ringless Voicemail In Your Business?

  • Announce special deals and promotions
  • Invite people to your upcoming events
  • Alert people to new opportunities
  • Retain customers – send a customer appreciation message to strengthen client relationships.
  • Better marketing results – follow up on a direct mail or email campaign.
  • Communicate important information on short notice to hundreds or thousands.

Not able to answer the flood of call backs? No problem.

We can direct call-backs to a special phone number with a second recorded message — or we can arrange for highly-trained, professional virtual assistants to answer your calls and take messages for you.

Simply provide a script or tell us what information you want us to give or gather and we’ll take care of it for you.

We can even schedule consultations and appointments and send you an immediate notification.

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