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How to Market Your Local Business Online: The 3 Most Important Tasks

Do you own a local business serving a local clientele? (i.e., most of your customers live within 20 miles of your business location).
Do you know how to leverage the internet and social media to reach more people who want […]

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Ethical Bribes: How to Use Free Give-Away Offers to Grow Your Business

Are you using ethical bribes to grow your business?
Free give-away offers (also known as ethical bribes) are a classic, time-tested method for building buzz and gaining valuable exposure that can lead to greater sales for your business.
What is […]

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The Money is in Your Email List: Grow Your Email List Faster With QR Codes

Many small business owners are scrambling to figure out how to use Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare and other social media to market their business.
The problem is, social media engagement can distract you from the more important and essential marketing tasks of:

developing […]

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Internet Marketing Essentials for Local Business

Would you like to know how you can capture more leads and close more sales with less effort?

Grow Your Local Business with Internet Marketing
The internet is a fantastic marketing platform for local businesses — but you need to know the […]

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