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The Money is in Your Email List: Grow Your Email List Faster With QR Codes

Many small business owners are scrambling to figure out how to use Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare and other social media to market their business.
The problem is, social media engagement can distract you from the more important and essential marketing tasks of:

developing […]

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37 Ways to Make Money With QR Codes

A QR code on a business card
Have you ever been at a business networking meeting and wished there was a fast, easy way that the people you meet could sign up for your email list instantly?
Or a way you could […]

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QR Codes for Wineries: Creative Marketing Examples

According to a recent research report, consumer scanning of QR Codes has risen 1,400% over the past year. Now that local consumers are more familiar with QR codes and how they work (you see them everywhere nowadays), more and more […]

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