Website Editing Instructions

Below are basic instructions for editing your wordpress website. This basic tutorial does not cover every possible question that can arise; your website has a custom design with customized widgets and other areas. If this tutorial does not answer your specific questions, call Yvonne Herbst, Herbst Marketing, at (540) 937-7234, for additional instructions.

Important: Remember to Update All Edits!

None of your edits will be saved until you click the Update button in the top right section of your dashboard menu — look to the right for the blue button that says Update and click that to save your work.

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Your page will look like this.


Adding pages and post to wordpresspages and post

Editing/Adding a New Page or Post

  • • Posting is good for the search engines
  • • Content does matter-make your readers want to come back
  • • Use key words

Over View of Toolbox


Linking-meaning to be able to click on a word or phrase and connect to another page or website.

More Toolbar Options



Text and Word Documents

More Toolbar Options

Adding An Image


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