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Website Hosting

Please click the “Subscribe” button below to purchase website hosting for your website. Your hosting fee is $20.00 per month and includes up to one domain-name email account (i.e,; weekly backup service; and quarterly updates to your WordPress content management system (i.e., updating website to the current WordPress version; updating plug-ins so they are compatible with the current WordPress version.)

Your monthly hosting payment will be processed through PayPal’s secure payment processing system. If you do not have a PayPal account, click the Subscribe button above, then click the link on the following page that says “Pay using your credit or debit card” instead (see illustration below.)

You may cancel your hosting service at any time. Hosting fees are nonproratable; there shall be no refunds given for partial months of service.

In the event you cancel your website hosting service or fail to pay the monthly fee on time, your website will be deactivated and no longer viewable. You will have 5 calendar days to bring your hosting account current at no additional charge. If you bring your hosting account current within 6-30 days following deactivation, you will be required to pay a $50.00 reactivation fee in addition to the hosting fee to reactivate your website.

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