37 Ways to Make Money With QR Codes

qr codes on business cards

A QR code on a business card

Have you ever been at a business networking meeting and wished there was a fast, easy way that the people you meet could sign up for your email list instantly?

Or a way you could instantly show them a:

  • page on your website
  • an online questionnaire or poll
  • registration form for a contest or event
  • downloadable coupon
  • web video
  • your current real estate listings
  • a restaurant menu

More and more business people are using QR codes to do just that — and you can too!  The illustration below explains how QR codes work, and the video below that gives you 37 ideas for places you can put your QR code to advertise your business.

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how qr codes work

Why Your Free Website Builder Doesn’t Work and What To Do About It

Small Business WordPress theme

CARess Car Wash Toledo Ohio
Home Page for CARess Car Wash Toledo Ohio

CARess Car Wash Toledo Ohio Case Example

The owner of CARess Car Wash in Toledo, Ohio would like to show up on Page 1 of Google search results for the keyword phrase “car wash Toledo OH.” Like many cost-conscious business owners who know they need a website and are looking for affordable solutions that don’t break the bank, he chose a do-it-yourself website solution from yahoo.com.

It seems reasonable to expect that your business will show up online once you put up a website using one of the many free or cheap website building tools available these days.

Unfortunately, it just doesn’t work that way — and small business owners don’t understand why.

CARess car wash Toledo OH yellow pages ad

High priced YellowPages.com ad

YellowPages.com Ads Don’t Help Either

When his own website failed to show up in Google page 1 search results, this business owner decided he would do the next best thing and pay YellowPages.com a nice recurring monthly fee for a premium ad, hoping it would drive more traffic to his business. But that isn’t working either.

Why Isn’t CARess Car Wash Toledo Ohio Getting Found Online?

A quick peek at the source code for caresscarwash.com reveals the problem immediately, if you know what to look for.

First off, his all-important title tag is “Home” (see illustration below). This is a common mistake that most business owners make when building their own websites. They don’t understand how a title tag affects search engine results, and they don’t understand what title they should give their home page to ensure their website gets found fast for their preferred keyword or keyword phrase. In this case, an optimized title tag would be “Car Wash Toledo OH | CARess Car Wash”. But how was he to know he needs to do this — or how to do it?

CARess car wash Toledo Ohio

Website Title Tag Not Optimized for Car Wash Toledo Ohio


No Description Tag

The second problem is that the CARess Car Wash website has no description tag either — a short snippet of search-engine-readable text that tells search engines what this website is all about and how to index it so people can find it when searching for “car wash toledo oh.”

No Microformat Tags Either for Name, Address, Phone

A third problem is that this website has no search-engine-readable microformat tags that display the all-important business name, addpress, and phone number.

Small Business WordPress theme

The Small Biz WordPress Theme: A Better Low-Cost Website Builder

The Small Biz WordPress Theme is a much better choice for cash-strapped cost-conscious business owners seeking an affordable website building tool and solution.

If you have the time and desire to do it yourself, you can build a website using the Small Biz WordPress Theme that will deliver superior local search results . . . provided you follow the simple tutorials and instructions that come with this product.

The Small Biz WordPress Theme was built specifically to serve the needs of small business owners and comes with these valuable built-in features:

  • Built-In Name, Address, Phone Microformatting Tags for Superior Local Search Results
  • Built-in Search Engine Optimization Features
  • Contact Page
  • Map and Directions Page
  • Custom Facebook Fan Page Builder
  • Auto-Detect Mobile Website

WordPress Website and Local SEO TrainingIf you don’t have the time to do it yourself but want all the benefits that come with a website built using the Small Biz Theme, you can hire Herbst Marketing or another specially trained Small Biz Theme web marketing consultant to design and build a website that works for you.

The High Cost of Free Websites: Why Cheap or Free Website Builders Are a Waste of Your Time and Money

In today’s world, customers expect to be able to find local businesses online. Like it or not, you need a website to compete effectively in today’s marketplace.

Godaddy, Yahoo, Vistprint, Verizon, and many more companies are luring local business owners with offers of free or low-cost website builders. Once you bite on the offer, you are subjected to a number of upsell offers, so that these “free” solutions aren’t really free at all.

lee highway nursery website before makeover

Lee Highway Nursery Website BEFORE

Few business owners understand that these services don’t live up to their promise, and don’t deliver professional-quality web marketing solutions suitable for businesses that are (more…)

QR Codes for Wineries: Creative Marketing Examples

QR codes for wines
According to a recent research report, consumer scanning of QR Codes has risen 1,400% over the past year. Now that local consumers are more familiar with QR codes and how they work (you see them everywhere nowadays), more and more smartphone owners are scanning QR barcodes to:

  • download coupons
  • enter contests
  • get product information
  • access directions and other information about local businesses.

American wineries have caught onto this marketing trend. An increasing number of wineries are adding QR Codes to wine bottle labels and other print marketing literature to:

  • Send customers to your Yelp or other review page, where they can see how others have rated your wine and leave their own reviews or comments,
  • Display a website page that describes the wine and suggested food pairings,
  • Display suggested recipes that go well with a particular wine,
  • Display an online ordering page that makes it easy to order more wine immediately,
  • Display a video of the winemaker discussing the wine or giving the viewer a virtual tour of your winery.

Creative QR Code Winery Marketing Ideas

Dry Creek Winery’s wine bottle labels have QR codes that take the customer to a two-minute video describing their wines.

Hope Family Wines’ QR code printed on the back of their wine bottle labels take viewers to a video (see below) that introduces their new Troublemaker wine.

Mistakes to Avoid With QR Codes

Before implementing a QR code marketing strategy, here is an article you should read first about QR code mistakes and how to avoid them.

Best WordPress Shopping Cart: Market Theme Customer Review

I recently created my first ever wordpress shopping cart using Market Theme for WordPress for a Virginia winery client and have been very pleased with the results.

Before finding the Market Theme, I tried building Narmada Winery’s ecommerce store using the free WP-ecommerce plug-in, but it was a real struggle to get WP-ecommerce to work correctly. Our major difficulty with WP-ecommerce was figuring out how to get the shopping cart itself to show up properly. When we tested the shopping cart we built with WP-ecommerce, there was no intuitively obvious way to display the current contents of the shopping cart to the buyer. Since WP-ecommerce is a free plug-in, there was no backend support available to assist us in figuring out how to make the plug-in work properly.

Shocking Price Tags for Custom Shopping Cart Development

On the advice of my local UPS Store owner, I contacted a local business that specializes in designing and developing customized ecommerce shopping carts. They told me that the set-up fee would be a minimum of $3,800.00, and then they would charge an ongoing forever monthly fee of $150 just to keep the site hosted and maintained.

I researched pricing for a few other winery shopping cart developers and was amazed to discover how expensive they were.

Market Theme for WordPress: Affordable WordPress Shopping Cart Solution for Small Business

After researching other options online, I found Click Here!” target=”_blank”>the Market Theme shopping cart software. At $55.00 for a single use license, and with its 60-day money back guarantee, I was willing to give Market Theme a chance and see how it worked.

Market Theme has lived up to its promise. It was refreshingly easy to install, set-up and customize the online store to match Narmada Winery’s logo and website color scheme.

Special Offer: Custom WordPress Shopping Cart Design and Development

If you need a wordpress shopping cart setup, designed and developed and don’t want to do the work yourself, I will give you a 15% discount on our usual wordpress website design and development fees when you purchase Market Theme by clicking on either of the Market Theme ads on this page.

For More Information

If you would like to discuss Market Theme in greater detail and see for yourself how it works before you buy, click here to email me and we can schedule a time for me to give you a backend tour around Market Theme before you buy.