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Can blogging help your  small business SEO (search engine optimization) results?

Can one simple blog post increase the chances that your best customers and prospects will find you online ?

Any time your business shows up on page one of Google search results for a money-making keyword phrase, you increase your potential to attract a potential customer who might buy your products or services.

SEO Blogging Experiment

I want to make sure that small business owners in my local marketplace can find me if and when they are looking for a local small business website designer or wordpress website developer.

So, I wrote a simple blog post and published it with a keyword optimized title:

Warrenton VA Website Design

I provided a brief overview of my website design and development services, and added links to my small business website design portfolio.

I published the blog post on March 20, 2011 – and within 24 hours I was showing up for the keyword phrase I wanted, in the number 5 position just beneath other long-established local website design firms.

Click This Link: Blogging for Search Optimization to see the actual results

Not bad, for less than an hour’s worth of work!

This experiment proved to me that blogging could, indeed, improve my local business search results.