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Calculate the Value of a Lifetime Customer
and The Business They Can Refer To You

calculate the value of a lifetime customerWhen you know the true value of a single customer over their customer lifespan, as well as the value of referral business they can send your way, you can make better informed choices of how to invest your money to acquire a customer and encourage their lifetime loyalty to your business.

Enter the average value of one of your products or services in the form below and other relevant numbers to calculate the amount of money a single customer can generate for your business over their lifespan — and, conversely, the cost of losing a single customer due to poor customer service or other factors.


Enter your amounts in fields A, B, D, F, H and I (all are required).

A. Amount of Average Sale How much is spent on one sale?

B. Number of Sales per Year: How many times does he/she buy per year?

C. Annual Value of One Customer Gross Sales per Year per Customer.

D. Number of Years a Customer Stays: How many years will a customer keep buying?

E. Lifetime Value of Customer How much we gain from one customer in his lifetime

F. # customers referred per year How many additional clients will he/she refer per year?

G. Total lifetime of 1 lost customer Including lifetime value of referrals from one lost customer

H. # of bad reviews Annually: How many negative reviews do you have?

I. Number of Lost Customers per Review: How many customers lost per negative review? Businesses risk losing up to 22% of their potential new customers with just one negative review.

J. total cost of one bad review Total lost revenue from a single bad review

K. total cost of bad reviews How much is lost in total, from all bad reviews