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Can a well-designed website really attract more customers and generate more sales?

responsive website designAs a professional web developer providing revenue-generating website design services to local businesses since 2008 I can tell you for certain: a well-designed mobile-friendly website can absolutely attract more perfect prospects and help you convert those prospects to loyal customers.

Your website is the virtual doorway to your business. As such, it needs to:

  • Look inviting and professional
  • Make it easy for customers to contact you by phone, email or in person
  • Demonstrate credibility and trustworthiness
  • Educate potential customers as to why they should choose to do business with you.

Almost every single customer and prospect you serve will visit your website before they hire you or buy from you. Just as you recognize the importance of making your physical store front inviting and customer-friendly, you should also think of your website as the digital front door to your office or place of business and take equal care to make it inviting and user-friendly as well.

Clearly, an uninviting entryway to your business can deter potential customers from choosing to do business with you. But what if they can’t even find your front door in the first place?

You might have the most beautifully-designed website in the world, but if your prospects and customers can’t figure out how to call or email you quickly from your website, they’ll move on.

This issue of “closed signs” hanging on businesses’ digital front doors is more common than you’d imagine. Have you ever noticed how some websites don’t provide a phone number ANYWHERE visible on the site? Or their websites are on outdated platforms that you can barely read or navigate from your smartphone screens?

It’s shocking how many small business websites are turning away leads and customers because it’s too hard to find the business phone number or email address, and /or they don’t have a clear invitation and call-to-action.

We’ve filled out contact forms on some of the best looking websites, only to find that we don’t receive a reply or phone call. This is the kind of stuff that is hurting businesses everywhere.

Take it from our long-time client, Sandra Brannock, a kitchen designer in Amissville, Virginia. Sandra’s do-it-yourself website was enough to get started when she was new in business, but as her client base and reputation grew, she needed a site that looked more professional and was more user-friendly. She needed a website that showcased her portfolio of kitchen design projects, promoted her design expertise, and attracted a higher quality clientele who were searching for kitchen remodeling resources and ideas online.

expert kitchen designs

Sandra’s website also was not mobile-friendly. When she decided it was time to step up her game, she hired Herbst Marketing to help, and this is what she says about the results she’s experienced since working with us:

Before I engaged Herbst Marketing, new business came my way strictly by way of client referrals. After I engaged Herbst Marketing, website leads equaled my number of referrals. All but one became bona fide kitchen remodeling projects.

And Lora Gookin, owner of Gateau Distinctive Cakes, says:

Yvonne is very technically knowledgeable about website design, SEO and blogging. This is evident by the dramatically increased traffic to my website after I had her completely redo the site for Gateau. She is very easy to work with and I am thrilled with my new website.

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