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Are you using thank you notes, birthday cards, and greeting cards to build your business and cultivate a loyal following for your personal brand? The simple low tech thank you note and birthday card remains one of the most powerful, effective, and affordable business-building tools available to small business owners.

Make An Impact, Be Remembered, With a Simple Thank You Note

The powerful impact a simple thank you note can have is illustrated in this story that Jordan Adler shared in his weekly email message to members of his Send Out Cards team.

I frequently use a stock card in the Send Out Cards system to thank people for good service or a job-well-done. It is a green card with A+ on the front.

Nancy and I use toothpaste from Oxyfresh and I had received a forwarded postcard from Oxyfresh reminding me that it was time to reorder. Since we had moved and I needed to update my shipping information with them, I decided to call instead of ordering online.

A customer service rep answered the phone and was very polite and helpful. In addition, she gave me some product information that I needed and she offered to put a product catalog in with my order. I asked for her name and a mailing address at the company. After getting off the phone with her, I wrote a card to Richard Brooke, owner of the company, and told him what a pleasant experience it was dealing with the lady on the phone and told him what great customer service skills she had. I sent him a box of brownies and asked him to share them with her for her excellent service.

Today, I received a phone call from a tearful lady who thanked me profusely for my card. She told me that she had received a 30-day notice that she would be let go because she had made errors on orders in the past. Instead of being fired, today, she had received my card and brownies from Richard Brooke’s administrative assistant and had been told that she would not be let go. (Emphasis added.)

This day began with sadness, because I had just had our yellow lab put down due to failing health. My tears of sadness were replaced with tears of joy for this lady who would now have a happy Thanksgiving and Holiday Season.

Never doubt the power of a simple greeting card!

Can a $0.98 Investment Win You A Customer For Life?

In a world where communication increasingly happens through Facebook and email, a sincere, well-timed, heartfelt message delivered by U.S. mail in a greeting card can have a profound and memorable impact — and just might win you a customer for life, not to mention more referral business as well.

The Send Out Cards System makes it easy for you to create high quality, memorable, personalized greeting cards that will be delivered by mail, from the convenience of your home or office computer. Best of all, you will pay just $0.98 (plus postage) per greeting card using the Send Out Cards system — far less than what you will pay per greeting card from a retail store.

Make Someone’s Day: Click Here to Send a Free Greeting Card

Click the link above to try Send Out Cards yourself — and brighten someone’s day at the same time. Think of a customer you want to thank, or someone in your life who needs a word of appreciation or encouragement. Watch the video to see how the system works. Then click the link below the video to Send a Free Card using my account. (See illustration below.)

You’ll be taken to a page with thousands of greeting card options to choose from. There’s no catch, and no strings attached.

You can also subscribe to the Send Out Cards system for as little as $9.80 per month. That subscription option will let you send out 20 postcards or 10 greeting cards every month.

Send Out Cards Subscription Pricing

Send Out Cards Subscription Pricing