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Small business owners: Did you know that simple web videos can propel your business to page 1 Google search results far more easily than any other form of online marketing?

In fact, a short web video that educates your target market about what you do and the benefits you offer will give you a 50x greater chance of getting a page 1 Google citation than any other form of online marketing today.

My marketing mentor, Don Campbell of Expand2Web, explains the huge opportunity available to small business owners to expand their reputation and dominate local search results for their businesses in this video.

Herbst Marketing provides web video services that can help your business
expand its local reputation
and attract more loyal lifetime clients.

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Webinar: Video Marketing Secrets from a Small Business and Affiliate Marketing Guru from Bob Thordarson on Vimeo.

Herbst Marketing Web Video Examples

Cecil’s Tractors, Warrenton, Virginia
Georjean’s Pet Grooming, Warrenton, Virginia
Heritage Cabinet Supply, Warrenton, VA
Marianne Clyde, Licensed Marriage and Family Counselor, Warrenton, VA