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Facebook's new social graphSocial recommendations for local businesses will carry greater weight than ever when Facebook rolls out its new “Graph Search” capability later this year.

Facebook’s new search functionality will enable Facebook users to search Facebook’s immense database to quickly find recommendations from friends and other Facebook connections whenever they are searching for a local business.

Are you new in town? Don’t know your way around yet? No problem! Just log into Facebook and ask which restaurants, dry cleaners, auto repair services, plumbers, golf courses, schools, etc. the local residents most like and recommend.

The results will come from information on Facebook that isn’t public to search engines like Google, so it is going to be a fantastic source of information which will be presented in a totally new way.

The Implications for Businesses

Facebook Graph Search capability makes Facebook an even more important place on which to focus your marketing efforts.

Many businesses don’t yet have a Facebook page. While we always recommend that businesses make their website the hub or focal point of their marketing efforts, having an active and robust Facebook presence is becoming a “must do” as well.

Businesses that don’t have a Facebook page can’t get liked on Facebook. If you don’t get liked, you aren’t going to be ranking in Facebook Graph Search.

Facebook friends recommendations to friends are powerful, especially when it comes to the marketing of intangible services.

When we want a good doctor, plumber, insurance broker, realtor, therapist, or any one of hundreds of service providers we usually start by asking family, friends and co-workers for recommendations.

Facebook Graph Search will make it faster and easier for you to see which businesses your friends and others in your social network have used and liked.

If water suddenly starts pouring through your ceiling because of a plumbing leak, you will be able to search Facebook for “emergency plumbers in (name of town) that my friends and friends of friends like and get almost instant recommendations.

No matter what service you offer, it’s becoming vital to have a Facebook presence, to encourage customers and people you know to like you on Facebook, and to maintain fresh and interesting content on your Facebook page so it doesn’t look like a ghost town when people visit you there.

Businesses without a Facebook presence will be at a disadvantage over businesses that have built a robust and lively business page. Not having a Facebook page will be like setting up shop with no sign outside, no place to park, and no entry way into your business so people can stop in and buy your wares.

If you need guidance or assistance creating and maintaining your Facebook presence, Herbst Marketing can help! Call us today: (540) 937-7234 or contact us for a free no-obligation Facebook presence assessment and customized recommendations.

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