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Here’s what our clients are saying about Herbst Marketing Services:

Anita Raushel, Broker/Owner, Iron Country Realty

Yvonne has really helped me grasp the understanding of blogging & other concepts in marketing. I am not proficient by any means in my skills of using a computer or social media. Though I have owned my own business for over 25 years, Yvonne has been very patient in teaching me social media and other things to help me grow even more. She is patient, kind & seems to grasp at what I am trying to get across to my audience. I highly recommend her. 5 stars. Anita Raushel, Broker/Owner, Iron Country Realty

Sandra Brannock, Expert Kitchen Designs (Update, April 2014)

As an entrepreneurial business person who was skeptical about website design and marketing, I would like to share my exceptional experience working with Yvonne of Herbst Marketing Services (HMS). Before I engaged HMS, new business came my way strictly by way of client referrals. After I engaged HMS, website leads equaled my number of referrals. All but one became bona fide kitchen remodeling projects. I fully encourage you to sign up with Yvonne. Participate fully in and embrace the design process with her, and what seems to be intangible in the beginning will become tangible–real results that will fatten up your business bank account. After this rewarding experience with Yvonne, I can attest: “How did I exist without her?”
Sandra Brannock Owner/Designer Expert Kitchen Designs, LLC

Middleburg United Methodist Church, Middleburg, VA

Yvonne was terrific in helping us with our website for Middleburg Methodist Church. Our old site had been allowed to expire and was bought by someone in Panama! Searches for our church ended up on the old website not the new one leading to lots of frustration from those trying to connect to our church. Yvonne cleaned up our new site as well as moved us up with SEO so that those searches moved to our new site in the Google search. Her help has been most valuable.
Leah Ferguson, Church Member, J.T. Ferguson Real Estate, Middleburg, VA

Sullivan Roof Cleaning, West Des Moines, Iowa

I have two web sites that pertain to my roof cleaning service. For the longest time I have been trying to find someone that understands content, site optimization, SEO and marketing. Yvonne was referred to me by another web designer. I contacted Yvonne and explained what I wanted and we agreed to enter into our present relationship. I found her to be very understanding and responsive to my needs. She has been very forthright with recommendations to help better meet my goals. She did a number of projects with each having a to do list, budget and finished report. I am very pleased with the results and look forward to our next project. It is refreshing having someone that focuses on quality over quantity. Not only is she very professional but also passionate about her service. Thank you.
Bruce Sullivan, Sullivan Roof Cleaning

Georjeans Dog Grooming, Warrenton, Virginia

The video is fantastic and I LOVE IT! Your voice over is so nice and calming and the music you guys picked is perfect. I am so happy with it, thank you so much!
Leslie Shriner, Owner, Georjeans Dog Grooming, Warrenton, VA

Expert Kitchen Designs, Amissville, Virginia

I just wanted to let you know that I’m on my way back from meeting (a prospective client) on Capitol Hill. What a lovely couple! They are exactly the type of client that I like to work with. She said that the way she found me was through the website you designed for me. She typed in “Expert Kitchen Designs” and my website came up first and she said when she saw the website it looked very personable. She didn’t want a mass company to (design her kitchen). She wanted a personal one-to-one (kitchen designer). You deserve the credit for that. The website you designed for me attracted the right client for me and it helped her find the right person for her (kitchen remodeling) job. It definitely “happened” for me today because the clients that found me knew who I “was” before I walked in the door! Almost like, “We already know we want you to do the job!” XO

Sandra Brannock, Owner, Expert Kitchen Designs, LLC

Shari Jaeger Goowin, Jaeger2, Delaplane, Virginia

Yvonne Herbst helped me design a beautiful new website to better express my offerings and reach more people. I am so grateful for her expertise, guidance, patience, and sense of humor throughout this process. She has been an incredibly valuable resource for me and the migration to the new site was seamless – an amazing feat.

Thank you, Yvonne, for being by my side during this intense business growth period and for keeping my firm looking great!”

Shari J. Goodwin, Owner/Strategist, Jaeger2, LLC

Marie Washington Law Office, Warrenton, Virginia

I was extremely impressed with the services and final product I received from Herbst Marketing Services. Her commitment and professionalism were greatly appreciated throughout the process. She accommodated my busy schedule and patiently encouraged me to stay on task and finish what I have been putting off for some time. In the end, I have a successful website and increased our clientele. She was always available to answer my questions and in a timely manner. I like the fact that she listens to her clients and incorporates our ideas in the final product at the same time providing constructive feedback on how it can be improved for marketing purposes. I’ve already recommended Herbst Marketing Services to others as I know they will not be disappointed with the great customer service and expertise she provides.

Michael Edelen, Office Manager
Law Office of Marie Washington, PLC, Warrenton, VA

Ronald J. Aiani Law Firm, Warrenton, Virginia

If it’s quality marketing and website development that you want, then Yvonne and her Herbst Marketing team are the ones to call. Yvonne has extensive knowledge in the area of online marketing and she has provided our office with a great deal of help in achieving our goals. She’s gone out of her way to answer our (sometimes numerous) phone calls, made several “house-calls” to provide us with hands-on tutorials, and has provided extra instructions for how to appear among the top results in organic online searches. Needless to say, Yvonne will NOT take your money, do a quick website and then leave you high and dry. She makes it her mission to ensure that you are happy with the resulting product. Our office has been very pleased with our decision to employ Yvonne.

Lynn Aiani, Esq., Ronald J. Aiani, P.C., Warrenton, VA