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mobile websites for beauty salons, hair salons, nail salons, day spas

Mobile-Optimized Websites for Salons

Do you own a hair salon, nail salon, or day spa?

Would you like more business?

Would you like to increase your sales by $20,000 or more per year?
Salons that are marketing their services to mobile phone users are reporting impressive increases in sales and profits. I learned a lot by listening to Greg Hickman’s podcast, Mobile Marketing for Salons. If you do not want to take a half hour to listen to the podcast, the highlights of Greg’s presentation are summarized below.

Start With a Mobile Optimized Website

More than half of all local searches coming from mobile devices (smart phones and tablets) and 70% of people searching for salons on their mobile phones make an appointment the same day!

Mobile Website Click to Call Button

Click to Call Button

Mobile-optimized websites make it fast and easy for customers to:

  • Click to call your salon,
  • Find and view directions to your salon,
  • Take advantage of exclusive offers created just for mobile phone users.

Grow Your List and Generate Leads with Mobile-Only Offers

Salon owners can create mobile-only offers for first-time customers. This is a great list-building strategy that can yield long-term benefits.

For example, you can enable customers to buy a 3-pack service for a discounted price and pay via PayPal right from their mobile phone. When they buy the offer, they are added to your email and/or text message list … which enables you to promote your services to your list whenever you like.

Increase Sales by $450 Per Week or More

One salon owner reports that she is getting 8-25 phone calls per week coming specifically from her mobile website. On average, more than 95% of these mobile phone callers make an appointment.

A salon that gets 10 more appointments per week from mobile phone users with an average sale of just $45 can be generating $450 per week more — $1,800 per month more — $22,500 per year more.

A high percentage of mobile users take near-immediate actions, such as:

  • 52% call business
  • 50% look business up on map / get directions
  • 56% visit business
  • 36% made a purchase
Mobile website special offer for first-time clients

Special Offers for First-Time Clients

Mobile Marketing Strategies for Salons

When your customer is paying for their salon service, ask them if they would like to receive ongoing offers delivered right to their phone via text message. Let them know that if they sign up for your Mobile list and/or email list today, they will receive 50% off their next visit … valid for 30 days. You can determine your offer, but the more attractive the offer, the more likely you will grow your email / mobile text message list.

Mobile Appointment Reminders Reduce No-Shows

Clients that have joined your text message list can be sent appointment reminders straight to their phones. Text message appointment reminders can dramatically reduce loss of revenue resulting from no-show clients.

If you have just one no show per day at $45 per appointment, you will be losing $13,000 or more per year.

You can send customers text message reminders 1-2 days in advance, with a link to click if they need to cancel or reschedule. This will give you enough time to message your list and invite another customer to fill the slot that just opened up.

Your text message could say, “RSVP now and get 10% off when you book an appointment for this time.” If you have just 100 people or more on your list, you can easily fill appointment slots by sending out a text message to your list.

Email, Facebook, LinkedIn, and More

You can promote your mobile marketing offers and invite people to join your mobile marketing list through email messages, Facebook posts, tweets on Twitter, posts on LinkedIn, in-store signage, and any other marketing collateral and advertising.

Permission-Based Marketing

Text message marketing is permission based marketing, just as email newsletters are permission-based. Therefore, you do not have to worry about spamming your list, because the people on your list have given you permission to text them with your news and offers.

Want to Get Started? Contact Herbst Marketing

Herbst Marketing can advise you on a mobile marketing strategy for your salon and help you set up a mobile marketing system to increase your sales and profits.

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