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Did you know that Google wants to send you more perfect customers .. for free?

A core part of Google’s business is to direct local customers to nearby local businesses that provide the products and services they want and need.

That’s why Google is rolling out new Google Maps and local search features designed to make it easier for smartphone users to find your business online.

What You Need to Do Now

To take full advantage of Google’s local search features (like promoted Maps pins and robust business profiles), you need to claim and verify your company listing on Google My Business.

Your Google My Business listing ensures that your business contact details (name, address, phone number, website, customer reviews and photos) will appear when people search Google for your business and, hopefully, broader searches for similar products and services offered in your city.

Plan to allow 7-to 10-days for Google to send you a postcard that will allow you to verify your business information and make it publicly searchable on Google.

Here’s how to set-up your Google listing in 30 minutes or less:

Search your business name in the Google My Business search bar.

google my business

If your business information is already in Google’s system, it will appear on your screen with a request to verify the contact email on file for the account.

If you find someone else has claimed your business listing, Google will walk you through a series of steps to reclaim it as your own.*

If Google has no information on your business, follow the series of prompts to add your listing to the site. To make the most of your free Google My Business listing, you will want to upload photos, videos and company logos into your Google My Business Dashboard.

Once you have completed your Google business profile, you will need to follow the steps Google to get your business verified by postcard.  If you are lucky, Google will offer you the option to verify your business with a simple phone call.  If this option is offered, be sure to take it — as it will give you instant verification and avoid the long wait to receive your verification postcard in the mail.

Remember — your business contact details and other business information won’t appear in Google Search Results until you’ve completed the  Google verification process.

Once your listing is claimed or added, verified and published, you should begin to notice an increase in phone calls and visits by customers who find your company through Google Maps and Google search!