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Every business owner wants high quality leads. Your blog can help you get those leads, working on your behalf 24/7, 365 days a year to attract the perfect customers with money to buy your products or services. Here’s a case example illustrating how one of my clients is attracting high-value prospects by blogging about her work.

I Hate My Kitchen … Don’t Know What to Do

That was the subject line of an email inquiry my kitchen designer client received recently. The writer went on to say:

There is not much I like about my kitchen, and I would like to completely remodel and renovate it. I have some ideas but I believe I need help with the overall design — especially a more efficient use of space and lighting.

I have a 7.5 x 9 kitchen in a circa 1965 condominium, which puts some constraints on what I might do, but I was encouraged by the 9/9/13 article I retrieved from your web site, “Budget-Friendly Arlington Condo Kitchen Remodel.” (Emphasis added.) Your clients’ kitchen in that example looked somewhat like mine and my condo board is receptive to approving major renovations, including knocking down walls.

I am still in the initial stage of the renovation: I do not have a designer or contractor, and I have not decided on any vendors or suppliers. I have a decent budget and I am willing to make dramatic changes. Your design capabilities and offerings look like what I need.

Please call or reply if my project has potential.

The beauty of this lead is that it was generated directly as the result of an article my client had written and published more than a year earlier. It attracted the attention of this prospective client because it addressed a specific need he had at the moment he was contemplating a high-dollar purchase (kitchen remodeling services.)

Because of the way we optimized my client’s content, her article shows up high in search results for Arlington Condo Kitchen Remodeling. In fact, it is the #1 organic (unpaid) search result (out of 1,220,000 search results) for the phrase “Low Budget Arlington Condo Kitchen Remodeling”:

arlington condo kitchen remodeling

#1 Organic (unpaid) search result for “low budget arlington kitchen condo remodeling”

Not only does the link for my client’s article appear on page 1 of search results for this keyword phrase; but two of the photos she used to illustrate her Arlington VA Condo Kitchen Remodeling article also show up on page 1, giving her additional high-value backlinks to her website:

Arlington VA Condo Kitchen Remodeling

Blogging Establishes Authority and Trust

By writing in detail about one of her own kitchen remodeling projects and how she solved some specific kitchen design challenges for one of her own clients, my client’s blog article immediately establishes her as an expert resource for other condo owners living in or near Arlington, Virginia, who are eager to remodel their own cramped and outdated kitchens.

Blogging Pays Off

While many business owners resist putting time, energy, thought, and creativity into blogging about their business, this case example demonstrates that the investment in blogging can yield high-dollar results.

If you like the idea of having a system in place that works for you even when you are not working, a system that will funnel the right people to you at the exact moment they are ready and eager to buy what you have to offer, then a business blog is something you should consider.

Once you have eager, presold buyers reaching out to you and asking for your help, the sale itself becomes easy.

Want Help With Your Blog?

If you would like expert help setting up or structuring your business blog to attract high-value leads and more paying customers for your products and services, I can help … whether you just want a few hours of coaching, or someone to do the writing for you. I can be reached at:

(540) 729-4076 or by email at yvonne@herbstmarketing.com.

And if you live in Northern Virginia, Maryland or Washington DC and are planning to remodel your kitchen soon, call my client: Sandra Brannock, Expert Kitchen Designs, at (703) 801-6402. She will be happy to talk with you!