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Michelle Kelley, Owner, Girls Stand Strong, Warrenton VirginiaMichelle Kelley, Licensed Counselor and Owner of Girls Stand Strong specializes in working with girls and women to empower them to succeed in all areas of their lives: personally, academically, socially and professionally. Michelle is a dynamic, inspiring, no-nonsense personal development coach who has helped her own clients achieve significant — even dramatic — breakthroughs in their own lives.

Michelle was originally referred to me by one of her fellow Old Town Warrenton business owners, Kimberly Entrican of Tagaloo. Michelle had reached a point in her personal development counseling business where she had outgrown the basic website that she had created herself, and needed an affordable and professional website makeover.

I have been assisting Michelle for a couple of years now with her internet marketing and media publicity. One of Michelle’s assignments has been to gather testimonials from her own clients for publication on her website.

Following my own advice, I asked Michelle if she would share her thoughts about our work together and how it has benefitted her business. Here is Michelle’s review of Herbst Marketing:

Michelle Kelley Reviews Yvonne Herbst, Herbst Marketing Services

When I first met Yvonne (Herbst), I was really impressed with her knowledge base, with her calm conversational style, and how reasonable and affordable her rates are. Before I even began working with Yvonne, she was always very generous with me in sharing her knowledge, her information, and tips on how to grow my business. She was always very giving … and continues to be.

Girls Stand Strong Original Website

Girls Stand Strong original website

I first reached out to Yvonne because I was looking to improve my website’s content and design. Yvonne listened to my ideas. She found ways to work with me, always staying focused on my goals and my business, which were her goals as well — and the bottom line – attracting more clients. Her focus is definitely on authenticity. She has helped me remain true to my mission and my voice, while gently guiding me past my comfort zone into the world of marketing, which doesn’t come naturally to most therapists.

Yvonne Helped Me Understand and Leverage Social Media in My Marketing Activities

Yvonne is also incredibly talented in understanding social media. She has helped me to gain knowledge and an understanding about this world. It was scary for me in the beginning, but with her reassurance and guidance I was able to embrace using social media in helping to grow my business.

She took a very hands-on approach to gently guide me into that world and through that world and helped me to see how my business could grow and benefit through social media.

The Bottom Line Is: My Business is Growing

The bottom line is: my business is growing. The client attraction system that Yvonne has helped me put into place is really working. My website speaks specifically to my clients and she has helped me reach more people with my message and find new ways of spreading my message and marketing. So the bottom line is, I’m getting more clients!

Yvonne Really Listens and Cares About My Business

What I like best about working with Yvonne is, she knows her marketing. She is easy to connect with. She really listens. She doesn’t just push her agenda. I always feel as though Yvonne cares about my business and genuinely wants my business to succeed.

Something that is important to me is that Yvonne is easy to reach. She is very responsive. I am not just a number. I am not just another client. I feel like she is really connected to me and to growing my business. I am impressed with her authenticity and her knowledge base when it comes to marketing and social media and client attraction, and those are the things that to me as a business owner are so important.

I Absolutely Recommend Yvonne

I absolutely would recommend Yvonne to other business owners. I have already recommended her to many people. Yvonne has a vision and a plan for my business and it gives me great comfort knowing that I am not the only person who has to have this vision, that there is someone out there – Yvonne specifically – who is guiding me and who has the skill set to help me reach my business goals. I thoroughly enjoy working with Yvonne and I highly recommend her for your business.

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