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Would it surprise you to know that I have won thousands of dollars in business from people I have never met, and who were never referred to me, because they stumbled across my blog while searching for someone who could help them?

I am a perfect case example of how blogging can benefit business … but most business owners I have met and counseled simply don’t “get it.” The very idea of blogging is unappealing or intimidating to many business owners because:

  1. They don’t like to write. They just aren’t good at getting their thoughts down on paper.
  2. They can’t imagine what they would write about.
  3. They can’t imagine that anyone else would want to read anything they have written.
  4. They don’t see how blogging would benefit their business.
  5. They believe they don’t have the time to blog.

Nationally-recognized local search expert Mary Bowling tells us that blogs are a valuable asset for any business. That’s because:

  1. Blogging helps your search engine optimization;
  2. Blog articles last forever. They don’t get thrown out with the trash, so they can promote and market your business forever;
  3. Blogging establishes your authority and shows off your expertise;
  4. Blogging can help you provide more efficient customer service.

While it’s true that blogging does take thought, preparation and time — especially in the early stages of blogging — it can be an enormous time saver in the long run. A well-written blog article can effectively serve as an unpaid sales rep for your business. If someone is searching for a solution to a problem that you can solve for them — and if you have told the world that you can solve that specific problem by writing about it in your blog — then you have just pre-sold that person on doing business with you.

If you like the idea of attracting more solid prospects for your business while you sleep, read Eileen Lonergan’s article on Mary Bowling’s blog for more insights into the benefits of blogging for business.

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