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Email Marketing

Lead Capture Example

Email Lead Capture Example

We can help you generate more new sales, repeat sales, and referral sales by setting up and implementing professional email marketing campaigns that will keep you “front of mind” and generate interest in your business.

Executing effective marketing communications takes a lot of time, thought, and energy. Chances are, you would rather be doing something better with your time! Herbst Marketing’s email services will relieve you from the hard work of coming up with email content ideas, setting up and scheduling your email newsletters.

Email Newsletter Example

Sample Email Newsletter CampaignWe can create and execute monthly email campaigns on your company’s behalf using proven tactics that will increase calls, visits and sales. Our marketing communications solutions can keep your business front of mind with:

  • Monthly quick-read e-newsletters highlighting new products, services, interesting news or sales of interest to your customers;
  • Customer referral campaigns to generate new demand for your products and/or services;
  • Ongoing creation & distribution of engaging and relevant content targeted to your ideal client / customer.

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