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Power Hour Coaching

Want one-on-one help?

You can pick my brain on an as-needed basis by scheduling a “Power Hour” call.

Ask me anything you want about marketing your business online in the following areas:

1. How to set up and configure a WordPress website and manage it yourself.

2. How to structure your website to convert more website visitors to buyers.

3. How to optimize your website content to get found in organic (free) Google search results.

4. How to set up and configure a Facebook personal page, Facebook business page, and/or Google+ individual and business pages.

5. How to create and manage a blog: set up a content plan and schedule, develop blog content ideas, cross-posting blog links to Facebook and Google+ to drive more traffic to your website and boost sales.

6. How to configure your website to send you website traffic reports, so you know how many visitors you are getting on a weekly or daily basis, and where your website visitors are coming from.

7. How to advertise and promote your business to your ideal targeted audience on Facebook; how to set up and manage sales pages for your products or services inside Facebook to generate more leads and more sales.

8. Critique your website content /copy.

9. Create a roadmap for getting from where you are now to where you want to be in our business over the next 30, 60, or 90 days.

Cut Through the Confusing Technical Jargon and Focus On Your Business Success

I know you don’t want to be confused by technical jargon. You just want to understand what you need to do next to get your business where you want it to be.

During our Power Hour Call, I will ask you questions that will clarify what’s not working for you now as well as your goals and objectives. Then I will explain in plain English the 5-10 steps you need to take next to achieve your goals and objectives.

We can cover a lot of ground in an hour’s time. Each call includes a written report summarizing the points we discussed plus a customized 5-10 step action plan for you to follow, based on our conversation.

If you decide at the end of our conversation that you do not want to implement my suggestions yourself and prefer a “done for you” service based on the points we discussed, I will apply 50% of the coaching call fee towards the customized done-for-you service(s) you request.

$295.00 for a one-hour call plus written report and action plan.

To sign up for a Power Hour, click the Buy Now button above and submit payment via PayPal. I will contact you within 24 hours to set up a time for our Power Hour telephone conversation.