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One of my favorite kinds of projects is working with small business owners whose websites are built on the Godaddy Website Tonight do-it-yourself (DIY) website builder. When I owned and operated my own yoga studio in Warrenton, Virginia, I also tried to build my own website using Godaddy’s website builder, but found it extremely difficult to understand and work with.

I have created new websites for several Warrenton / Fauquier, Virginia business owners whose original websites were built on the Godaddy platform. Most recently, I rebuilt Progressions Dance School’s website. You can see the before and after screenshots below.

Original Website Screenshot

Progressions Dance School original website

Progressions Dance School Original Website

New and Improved Website

Progressions Dance School Website Warrenton VA

New Website: Progressions Dance School, Warrenton VA

Website Improvements

Progressions Dance School’s new website features the following improvements:

  • Improved home page design is simple but eye-catching, with rotating images that instantly communicate the dance studio’s professionalism, benefits and values.
  • Sidebar buttons that instantly show website visitors where to click to enroll in a class and where to click to pay for a class.
  • PayPal “buy now” buttons on the website make it easy for clients to pay for classes online.
  • Improved navigation menu makes it easier for website visitors to find the information they need and want.
  • Website header makes it easy to find the studio’s address and links to the studio’s Facebook page.
  • Responsive design means the website is formatted to display properly on small smartphone / mobile device screens — a feature that is becoming more and more important for small business internet marketing and search engine optimization.

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