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The Social Proof You Need to Attract and Keep More Business

increase sales with reputation marketingcatering job successIf you’ve ever checked a company’s online reviews to confirm you’re making a good decision before purchasing a product or service, you know how critical a company’s reviews and online reputation are to their success.

What do your customers see when they Google your company? Are they seeing lots of 4-star and 5-star reviews along with glowing testimonials about their experience with your company?

Or will they choose a competitor because they appear more trustworthy and have more and stronger reviews?

In today’s digital world, it’s more important than ever to be proactive in building and managing your online reputation.

Turn Your Happy Customers Into a Consistent Word of Mouth Referral Engine

Herbst Marketing Video Review ExampleIt all starts by getting a system in place that makes it easy to collect video, audio and written 5-star reviews from your happy customers and clients — and then showcasing your glowing reviews on Google and Facebook where everyone can see them.

Next, we turn your happy customers into a referral engine that will help you grow sales quickly and efficiently. Here’s how:

Each time a customer submits their 5-star review we will instantly ask them to share their recommendation along with a special offer from your company on their own Facebook page.

Your customers’ Facebook friends and families will see their recommendation in their Facebook news feed and Facebook notifications. If your offer appeals to them, they can click to claim it. Each time your offer is claimed, your will receive a notification along with the new customer’s contact information and who referred them to you.

You’ll be able to track how many referrals you’re getting from your new reputation marketing system, and contact new customers ASAP when they claim their offer from your company.

Stream 5-Star Reviews to Your Website/Social Media

  • Automatically display your latest and greatest reviews right on your website, your Google My Business listing, your Facebook page and other top review sites where prospective customers will see them.

  • Take control of your online reputation and the content you publish

Review Campaigns

  • Customize your email and text message outreach, timing and sequence
  • Automate sending, follow-up, removal and de-duplication of campaign recipients
  • Measure performance with open, click and conversion tracking
  • Collect reviews on-site via the Reviews Widget