Social Media Marketing: How to Attract More Business Through Yahoo Groups

Social Media Marketing: How to Attract More Business Through Yahoo Groups

Is your business taking advantage of Yahoo Groups to promote your business in Northern Virginia?

While many businesses are focusing their social media marketing efforts on Facebook, Twitter, and Linked-In, Yahoo Groups offer a marketing opportunity you should not overlook.

What is a Yahoo Group?

A Yahoo Group is a self-selected group of people who share a common interest. Yahoo group membership is free and open to anyone who has a Yahoo account, registers for membership and is approved by the group moderator.

The Fauquier County Yahoo Group is an active forum of 976 members who regularly post and share information about local community news, activities, events and resources.  The Fauquier County Yahoo Group members frequently ask each other for recommendations to reputable local businesses that other members know, like and trust.

I monitor the Fauquier County Yahoo Group message posts and respond on behalf of my clients whenever I see people looking for the products or services my clients sell.

Case Example

Recently, a local resident posed this question on the Fauquier County Yahoo Groups:

“I am looking for roofer recommendations: Who to get a quote from and who to stay away from.”

As you can see below, Paul Henry’s Windows benefited from the endorsements and recommendations he received from members of this group:

Yahoo group roofer recommendations

Yahoo group roofer recommendations

Online Word of Mouth Recommendations

We all know that people prefer to do business with businesses they already know, like and trust. Nearly every day, Yahoo Group members ask each other for word-of-mouth referrals to trusted and reputable local businesses. Alert business owners or employees can join in these conversations and attract more customers with thoughtful responses.

You can probably find other Yahoo Groups serving residents of your own town or local area that work the same way. It’s easy to join a Yahoo Group and get on the mailing list for real-time message alerts, or daily summaries of messages posted.

How to Turn Your Website Into a Profit Center for Your Business

Would you like to have more money flowing into your business effortlessly?

Most small business websites were not designed with sales in mind. Typically, they share three common errors that are blocking money flow into the business.

But with a few simple tweaks, you can transform your underperforming website into a powerful round-the-clock sales force and profit center that will get more money flowing into your business with less work and effort.

Here’s how: (more…)

How to Get More Facebook Fans for Your Business: Case Example

Facebook Fans Expand Your Facebook Reach.It has been said that every person who becomes a fan of a local business Facebook page is connected to an average of 130 additional Facebook friends. Therefore, growing your business’ Facebook fan base can greatly expand your visibility and raise awareness of your products and services to a larger circle of potential prospects.

For example, the 635 fans of Warrenton Favorites have a combined total of 167,045 Facebook friends. Thus, any information posted on the Warrenton Favorites Facebook page could, potentially, be seen and noticed by 167,045 friends of our Facebook fans.

Plumbing Company Facebook Marketing Case Example

Recognizing the marketing value of each Facebook fan, Appleton Campbell, Inc. initiated a campaign in June, 2012 designed to virally grow their Facebook fan base. Prior to launching the campaign, the company marketing department had noticed that they generated the most engagement (comments and likes) on their Facebook page when they posted information about community activities they sponsored and supported — especially activities related to local sports leagues, school clubs and nonprofit organizations.

A company employee needed to raise $3,000 to finance his daughter’s travel and lodging expenses for a Fastpitch Softball World Series Tournament, which presented a perfect opportunity to help a talented local athlete attain her dream while promoting the company at the same time.

Appleton Campbell launched a Facebook campaign offering to donate $1.00 to their employee’s daughter’s fundraising effort for every new person who liked the Appleton Campbell Facebook page. As part of the campaign, the company’s marketing department also provided a WordPress Website with PayPal donate button to their employee, so that individuals could contribute additional money to the fundraising campaign as well.

Less than two weeks into the campaign, the company had increased the number of Facebook fans nearly 50%, from 140 fans when they started the campaign on June 15 to 208 fans as of June 26, 2012.
fundraising website

How Can You Apply This Viral Marketing Strategy To Your Business?

Look for opportunities within your community where you can sponsor and showcase worthy organizations and causes. Offer to partner up with these organizations or causes for a win-win Facebook promotion where new fans of your Facebook page know they are simultaneously helping to raise money or otherwise support a good cause.

Herbst Marketing helps small businesses in Northern Virginia and elsewhere grow their business by expanding their web presence. We design and develop affordable, customized WordPress websites, provide web copywriting services, and social media marketing consulting services. For more information, call (540) 937-7234 or email us here.

WordPress Website Development Northern Virginia: Audiologist Website

Herbst Marketing, a WordPress website development company serving small businesses throughout Northern Virginia, has just completed work on its latest client website:

Listening Loop Technologies, Inc., is a division of Fauquier Hearing Services, Inc., which has provided hearing testing and hearing aid services to clients throughout Northern Virginia since 1999.

Wordpress Website Design by Herbst Marketing, Warrenton, Virginia

Listening Loops are systems that can be installed in the home and in public spaces that eliminate background noise and dramatically enhance the hearing and listening experience for hearing-impaired individuals who are wearing t-coil equipped hearing aids.

Three Mobile Marketing Solutions for Fauquier VA Businesses

Mobile marketing is a catch phrase that you hear a lot these days.

Mobile Marketing Solutions Fauquier VA

20% of mobile phone users -- 50 million people -- own smart phones

If you own a business in Fauquier County, Virginia, you may be wondering how, exactly, mobile marketing can help you grow your business and reach and connect with your best prospects and customers.

Three Reasons Why Mobile Marketing Matters to Your Business

  1. Almost everyone over the age of 13 in the U.S. has a mobile phone.
  2. Twenty percent of mobile phone owners — 50 million people! —- have “smart phones” that can access the Internet and email.
  3. The number of mobile phone owners is increasing by 20 percent every month.

Three Mobile Marketing Solutions for Fauquier VA Businesses

Mobile Text Messages

Mobile text messaging is one of the easiest, most affordable ways to contact and follow up with your prospects and customers.

smart phone text message

Reach Customers and Prospects Instantly With Text Message Promotions

You can post a sign or include an invitation in your print ads inviting your best customers and prospects to text their name and email address to a special phone number to receive VIP savings offers, coupons, and announcements.

Then you can set up your mobile phone marketing system to send out text message specials and invitations whenever business is slow, or at predetermined times each week or each month.

Most people check their text messages right away, so appealing money-saving offers and time-limited promotions sent via text message can be very effective in boosting sales fast.

Voice Mail Messaging

Voice mail messaging is another great way to reach and connect with customers, prospects and other people who matter most to your business.

Similar to text message campaigns, you can set up a voice mail messaging system to send a customized voice mail greeting, invitation or announcement to clients and prospects who agree to receive voice mail invitations and promotions from your business.

You can send a one-time message thanking recipients for subscribing to your text message service and reminding them to check their text message for a special offer you just sent out. Or, you can send a monthly or weekly voice mail message with reminders about upcoming business events, time-limited offers or invitations to check your website for current news and specials.

Mobile Websites

Mobile websites from Herbst Marketing Fauquier VA

Mobile websites make it easy for customers to contact you fast with the click of a button

Mobile websites make it easy for your clients and prospects to contact you fast via their cell phone with the click of a button.

Dynamic QR codes are one of the easiest ways to create and manage a mobile website for your business you can print your custom QR code on your business cards, brochures, fliers, print ads, and even your car. People can then scan the QR Code and be taken instantly to:

    • Your website
    • A button they can click to call you
    • An email message form
    • A map to your business
    • Your Facebook or LinkedIn pages
    • A special landing page to sign up for your email newsletter or special offers
    • A coupon code
    • and much more.

Get Your Personal Demonstration of Mobile Marketing Systems

Want to know more? Call or email me today to request a personal demonstration. I will be happy to show you how automated text message systems, voice mail systems, and mobile websites can work for your business, and how easy and affordable they are to set up and manage.

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