The Money is in Your Email List: Grow Your Email List Faster With QR Codes

Many small business owners are scrambling to figure out how to use Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare and other social media to market their business.

The problem is, social media engagement can distract you from the more important and essential marketing tasks of:

  1. developing a website that works, and
  2. using your website as a marketing tool to grow your email list.

Email Signup FormA targeted email list is the least expensive and most effective way you can follow up with customers regularly. With a targeted email list, you can:

  1. Announce your latest products and services;
  2. Direct the people on your list to pages on your website where they can learn more about the features and benefits of what you do and what you sell;
  3. Send people on your list to an online shop where they can buy more now;
  4. Include links to downloadable coupons;
  5. Send readers to an engaging web video link, where they can learn more about the benefits and features of a product or service you are selling.

The Easiest Way to Grow Your Email List: QR Codes

qr codes on business cards

Print your custom qr code on your business cards

The problem is, getting people to sign up for your email list usually requires that they be in front of a computer.

QR codes solve that problem: Now you can print a QR code on a business card or brochure. When you hand it out to prospects and customer, simply ask them to scan the QR code with their smart phones, and they can be taken instantly to a web form where they can sign up for your email list on the spot.

If they don’t have a smart phone with a QR Code scanner already uploaded, you can let them use your own smart phone to access your email sign-up form.

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To learn why email is such a powerful marketing tool for your business, watch this video.

37 Ways to Make Money With QR Codes

qr codes on business cards

A QR code on a business card

Have you ever been at a business networking meeting and wished there was a fast, easy way that the people you meet could sign up for your email list instantly?

Or a way you could instantly show them a:

  • page on your website
  • an online questionnaire or poll
  • registration form for a contest or event
  • downloadable coupon
  • web video
  • your current real estate listings
  • a restaurant menu

More and more business people are using QR codes to do just that — and you can too! ┬áThe illustration below explains how QR codes work, and the video below that gives you 37 ideas for places you can put your QR code to advertise your business.

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how qr codes work

QR Codes for Wineries: Creative Marketing Examples

QR codes for wines
According to a recent research report, consumer scanning of QR Codes has risen 1,400% over the past year. Now that local consumers are more familiar with QR codes and how they work (you see them everywhere nowadays), more and more smartphone owners are scanning QR barcodes to:

  • download coupons
  • enter contests
  • get product information
  • access directions and other information about local businesses.

American wineries have caught onto this marketing trend. An increasing number of wineries are adding QR Codes to wine bottle labels and other print marketing literature to:

  • Send customers to your Yelp or other review page, where they can see how others have rated your wine and leave their own reviews or comments,
  • Display a website page that describes the wine and suggested food pairings,
  • Display suggested recipes that go well with a particular wine,
  • Display an online ordering page that makes it easy to order more wine immediately,
  • Display a video of the winemaker discussing the wine or giving the viewer a virtual tour of your winery.

Creative QR Code Winery Marketing Ideas

Dry Creek Winery’s wine bottle labels have QR codes that take the customer to a two-minute video describing their wines.

Hope Family Wines’ QR code printed on the back of their wine bottle labels take viewers to a video (see below) that introduces their new Troublemaker wine.

Mistakes to Avoid With QR Codes

Before implementing a QR code marketing strategy, here is an article you should read first about QR code mistakes and how to avoid them.