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Mobile marketing is a catch phrase that you hear a lot these days.

Mobile Marketing Solutions Fauquier VA

20% of mobile phone users -- 50 million people -- own smart phones

If you own a business in Fauquier County, Virginia, you may be wondering how, exactly, mobile marketing can help you grow your business and reach and connect with your best prospects and customers.

Three Reasons Why Mobile Marketing Matters to Your Business

  1. Almost everyone over the age of 13 in the U.S. has a mobile phone.
  2. Twenty percent of mobile phone owners — 50 million people! —- have “smart phones” that can access the Internet and email.
  3. The number of mobile phone owners is increasing by 20 percent every month.

Three Mobile Marketing Solutions for Fauquier VA Businesses

Mobile Text Messages

Mobile text messaging is one of the easiest, most affordable ways to contact and follow up with your prospects and customers.

smart phone text message

Reach Customers and Prospects Instantly With Text Message Promotions

You can post a sign or include an invitation in your print ads inviting your best customers and prospects to text their name and email address to a special phone number to receive VIP savings offers, coupons, and announcements.

Then you can set up your mobile phone marketing system to send out text message specials and invitations whenever business is slow, or at predetermined times each week or each month.

Most people check their text messages right away, so appealing money-saving offers and time-limited promotions sent via text message can be very effective in boosting sales fast.

Voice Mail Messaging

Voice mail messaging is another great way to reach and connect with customers, prospects and other people who matter most to your business.

Similar to text message campaigns, you can set up a voice mail messaging system to send a customized voice mail greeting, invitation or announcement to clients and prospects who agree to receive voice mail invitations and promotions from your business.

You can send a one-time message thanking recipients for subscribing to your text message service and reminding them to check their text message for a special offer you just sent out. Or, you can send a monthly or weekly voice mail message with reminders about upcoming business events, time-limited offers or invitations to check your website for current news and specials.

Mobile Websites

Mobile websites from Herbst Marketing Fauquier VA

Mobile websites make it easy for customers to contact you fast with the click of a button

Mobile websites make it easy for your clients and prospects to contact you fast via their cell phone with the click of a button.

Dynamic QR codes are one of the easiest ways to create and manage a mobile website for your business you can print your custom QR code on your business cards, brochures, fliers, print ads, and even your car. People can then scan the QR Code and be taken instantly to:

    • Your website
    • A button they can click to call you
    • An email message form
    • A map to your business
    • Your Facebook or LinkedIn pages
    • A special landing page to sign up for your email newsletter or special offers
    • A coupon code
    • and much more.

Get Your Personal Demonstration of Mobile Marketing Systems

Want to know more? Call or email me today to request a personal demonstration. I will be happy to show you how automated text message systems, voice mail systems, and mobile websites can work for your business, and how easy and affordable they are to set up and manage.

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