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Video Portfolio: Expert Kitchen Designs

Kitchen remodeling is a complex and stressful endeavor. An expert kitchen designer such as Sandra Brannock can reduce the pain of kitchen remodeling by providing expert guidance on budgeting and selection of appliances, finishes and other elements of your new kitchen. A kitchen designer also attends to the many details necessary to ensure that your kitchen remodeling project proceeds on schedule, within your budget, and is completed properly and in a timely manner.

In this series of videos, Expert Kitchen Designer Sandra Brannock educates her potential customers about the things they should consider before embarking on a kitchen remodeling project, to ensure it goes as smoothly as possible and to ensure a satisfactory outcome.

Sandra is the only kitchen designer in our area that we know of to utilize web video to educate her clientele before she meets with them to discuss their kitchen remodeling plans. By having her clients watch her videos before their first meeting, Sandra can make more efficient use of her time because many of their initial questions will have been answered through the videos.

Another benefit is that the videos start the process of cultivating a relationship with potential clients and preselling them on her capabilities. They will perceive Sandra as an established and trustworthy expert simply because she has taken the time to make these educational videos.