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Can Video Marketing Help Your Business?

Consider These Facts:

People view 100 million videos online every single day.

Web pages with video are 50 times more likely to end up on the front page of Google

Online business profiles with videos get twice as many views, 30% more profile clicks and 18% more calls and 24% more sales.

Retail site visitors stay 2 minutes longer and are 64% more likely to buy when you have a video on your website.

Video is 10 times more likely to be watched when compared to written text

It’s much harder for a visitor to miss out on your marketing message when it’s placed within a video.

Video Package Options

Click the thumbnail image for each video below for a full-screen display of each video option.

$297: Standard Video

What’s Included?

This video template customized with the following company information:Your logoCompany contact informationCompany awards logos1-2 pictures of your choiceUp to 3 customer testimonialsWebsite linkCustom captions (lower thirds)Call to actionMusic background

$397: With Voiceover

What’s Included?

Up to 8 photos/images (provided by you)
Male or female voiceover (You provide the voiceover script)
Background music
Captions (lower thirds)
Call to action at end of video

$497: Scripted For You