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Small Business Website Makeover

If your local business website isn’t sending you leads and or helping you generate more sales, it may be time to consider a website makeover.

Website makeovers can pay for themselves in just a few months by driving more business to you and converting more website visitors to paying customers.

Lee Highway Nursery Website Makeover: Case Example

Lee Highway Nursery's Website BEFORE

Lee Highway Nursery’s original website (left) was designed by the business owner using a low-cost-do-it-yourself website template. Because the business owner had no website design experience or understanding of internet marketing fundamentals for local businesses, the website was not set up or structured to serve as an effective sales and marketing tool.

The featured home page photo of a young family member did not communicate any helpful information about the business itself. The website copywriting did little to explain the garden center’s range of products or services, and did not include a “call to action” which is a “must do” feature for any small business website.

In short, Lee Highway Nursery’s website was not working effectively as a sales and marketing tool.

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After the Makeover

Lee Highway Nursery Website Makeover

Lee Highway Nursery Website Makeover

Lee Highway Nursery’s new website (right) showcases the beauty and quality of the plants and garden products available through their Nursery.  Key website design elements include:

  • A visually appealing photo slide show on the home page that displays the range of products available
  • An invitation to join their email list, with a lead-capture form on the home page
  • Contact information clearly displayed in the header and on all pages of the website
  • A map and directions to their business location/li>
  • Tips and Information Create Interest and Increase ‘Sticki

We also set up a Google Places Page and optimized the Lee Highway Nursery website to ensure it gets found fast by people searching for “garden centers in Warrenton, Virginia.” Thanks to the local search optimization work we did on their website, the new Lee Highway Nursery website is the #2 listing out of 293,000 search results for the keyword phrase, “Garden Centers in Warrenton, VA.”

Google search results for Lee Highway Nursery, Warrenton, Virginia

Page 1 Google search results for Lee Highway Nursery

Website Makeovers Pay For Themselves

A website makeover is a worthwhile investment in your business success.
If you would like a website that:

  • Promotes your business more effectively to your local marketplace.
  • Captures valuable customer contact data — enabling you to follow-up endlessly with new information, new invitations, and win your prospects’ trust — and future business.
  • Answers frequently asked questions about your business — thereby saving you many hours of time responding to customer inquiries.
  • Educates prospects and customers about the nature, the value and the quality of products and services you sell.
  • Presells and prequalifies prospects — so that the people who do call and visit you are more likely to be ready to buy from you.

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WordPress Websites for Small Business

WordPress is the preferred website content management system for many small business owners. More than 15% of all small business websites are built on wordpress.

Herbst Marketing designs and develops wordpress websites for small businesseses. Our websites are easy to maintain, automate your sales and marketing processes, and save you money, time and energy on advertising and marketing for your local business.

We work with you to create a website that:

  • Is visually engaging
  • Gets found fast online
  • Automates your sales and follow-up processes
  • Generates more leads and more sales
  • Helps you grow your database of qualified leads and customers
  • Integrates Social Media: Facebook, Twitter, Linked-In, YouTube
  • Integrates web video

Do It Yourself Website Solution for Small Businesses

Small Business WordPress theme

If you prefer to save money on professional website design and build your own website, we recommend the The Small Biz WordPress Theme: a premium WordPress website solution designed for small business websites and top local search results.

Herbst Marketing has built several websites for Northern Virginia small businesses using the Small Biz Theme, and we can attest that it is a great, affordable small business website solution.